clothing references 2

Clothing references

Heads up to anyone who likes having nice jewelry but doesn’t wanna pay an arm and a leg for one little ring.

Sapphires look a lot like diamonds. My mom gets the nicest rings for herself and my stepdad for special occasions because they like looking cute together and she always gets sapphire because it’s SO much more affordable. But that’s not it.

Tired of ordering nice jewelry online and it SAYS sterling silver on it and then it turns out to be cheap metal frame work with lots of paint? Before you wear it, cover it with a layer or two of topcoat. It isn’t perfect and you gotta keep it up every month, but it helps preserve the paint and it keeps the metal from actually touching your skin so it won’t turn your finger green. If you do a lot of physical activity, pay attention to your ring because that top coat could peel off just from the effort of lifting a heavy suitcase (trust me, I just found that out for myself).

Loose gems? Just use some needle nosed plyers, they’re less likely to strip anything off.

And there you go, a slightly easier way to wear affordable cute jewelry without making insane financial decisions just to make yourself or your significant other happy. Also, please forgive my absence, I will be back and I’ll explain myself later, but until then you all have yourself a lovely day! c:

Also, if your ring is too sticky from that topcoat, a little baby powder can help, just don’t use too much or you’ll get it stuck in the little nooks and crannies where the gems are being held.

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